Aqua Nails Spa



  • Hot Stone Pedicure $38

    This service is a luxurious treatment that combines a relaxing soak to soften the feet, trimming and shaping the nails, caring for the cuticles, exfoliating with a sugar scrub, applying lotion, giving a soothing massage, using a hot towel and hot stones for added comfort, and applying nail polish. This all-inclusive treatment is designed to provide ultimate care and rejuvenation for your feet, leaving them feeling refreshed, beautifully groomed, and ready to step out in style.

  • Spa Pedicure $50

    This service includes 4-steps:
    (1) A sea salt soak to soften the feet;
    (2) Sugar scrub;
    (3) Detox skin impurities with mud masque;
    (4) Massaging with butter to help you relax and soften your feet.
    Especially, you can choose your favorite scent among our various options, including Tangerine Glow, Jas-mine Soothe, Lavender Relieve, Cucumber Fresh, Green Tea Detox, and Watermelon Burst, to enjoy an ambient atmo-sphere while being pampered.

  • Volcano Spa Pedicure $60

    Prepare to be pampered like never before with Volcano Spa's luxurious pedicure experience. This high-quality brand is specially designed to improve the appearance and elasticity of your skin, with rich and effective formulas to help revive and moisturize even the driest skin, leaving it smooth and supple all day long. The package includes 6-steps:
    (1)Detox with volcano crystals;
    (2)Detox with volcano activator;
    (3)Exfouating sugar srucb;
    (4)Collagen scream maske;
    (5)Collagen massage lotion;
    (6)Spa liner.
    Finally, melt away any remaining tension with our soothing hot stone massage, and finish with a gorgeous final touch of gel application.

  • Aqua Spa Pedicure $70

    Experience the ultimate pampering with our Aqua Spa Pedicure . Indulge in your favorite scent among various choices, including Tangerine Glow, Jasmine Soothe, Lavender Relieve, Cucumber Fresh, Green Tea Detox and Watermelon Burst, while immersing your feet in a delightfull salt soak, followed by a callus removal and gentle exfoliation with a sugar scrub. Rejuvenate your skin further with a luxurious mud masque and enjoy the comforting sensation of hot towels.
    ESPESSCIALLY, AQUA SPA PEDICURE HAS PARAFFIN WAX ADDED. To ensure your feet feel incredbly soft and smooth, we incorporate paraffin wax infused with essential oils. Finally, melt away any remaining tension with our soothing hot stone massage, and finish with a gorgeous final touch of gel application.

  • Polish Change Toes - Regular Polish $15

    This service includes trimming, filling, buffing and finishing with the application of nail polish.

  • Gel Polish change Toes $25

    The Gel Polish Change Toe service includes cut-ting, filling, buffing and applying a gel polish application.

  • Callus Removal $5
  • Paraffin wax Treatment $10
  • Gel Pedicure $53

Services included

For gel removal – extra for special shape/length

  • Acrylics Full set Regular $42+
  • Acrylics Fullset with gel $55+
  • Acrylics ReFill Regular $30+
  • Acrylics Re-Fill with Gel $43+
  • Additional Charges

    Applicable for French Tips, Change Shape Extended Length and /or Nail Designs.

  • Extra Charges

    Applicable for Extended long, and for With coffin, Almond, or pointy nail shape

  • Liquid Gel Set $60+
  • Refill liquid Gel $50+
  • Ombre Powder Nail Bet $65+
  • Acrylics / Dip Removal $10+
  • Gel or Shellac Polish $15
  • French gel $5+


  • Regular Manicure $18
  • French Manicure $25
  • Organic Manicure $38
  • Gel Manicure $35
  • Gel Polish change $22+
  • Regular Polish change $10
  • Dip Powder Manicure $45+
  • Soak Off Dip Powder Manicure $50+
  • French Dip Manicure $55+
  • Dip Powder with nail tips $50+
  • Gel X With Nail Tips Extension $55+
  • Additional Charges

    Applicable for Extra long and for with uffin, Almond, or Pointy Nail shape.


Kid's Spa

Under 10 years old

  • Manicure $10
  • Pedicure $25
  • Manicure & Pedicure $35
  • Polish Change on Hands $7
  • Polish Change on Feet $8